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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

#DEBstories: Favour Room Stories 1

*I stumbled across this heart touching story and decided to share. Very touching. 
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The enemy tried to cut short my life on the 22nd of Feb this year but mercy said 'N‎O'! God showed me mercy, he showed me love!.

I got pregnant with my 3rd fruit around July last year, my 1st scan revealed I was carrying triplet but one fetus had no heartbeat and would eventually vanish. Continue after the cut.

Hubby and I were worried, we cried and prayed for a miracle but by the time I went for my next scan the 3rd baby had vanished and my 2nd baby had some defects.(collection of fluid in the head and abdominal cavity).
We called on God to take control and heal our little baby, but everything seemed to go from bad to worse yet we held onto God.

I was told the 2nd baby will never make it.

To cut the long story short, after months of walking around with badly swollen feet (they looked like rain boots) caused by excess amniotic fluid I went into pre-term labor at 31 weeks +.
Labor was short and I was able to push my 1st baby out after a big splash of the excess fluid ‎, the placenta scattered everywhere on the floor.

The pediatrician tried to help my baby breath, I watched her struggle to breath ......meanwhile 2nd baby could not come out because it was stuck to my uterine wall (scan always revealed it).

‎We had to proceed to the theatre to have my 2nd baby delivered via CS. After being cut open it was a big struggle to pull the baby out of my womb.

After some minutes of pulling and tugging, my 2nd baby came out looking grossly deformed and dead!

1st baby didn't make it either, she just couldn't breath..... . ‎I lost my babies, but God's love kept me .

I believe God let it happen for a reason...well hubby wrapped them up and buried them. He didn't take any pictures of them, the doctors also wanted to take pictures but he refused.

The 2nd baby was too deformed, it was kind of enveloped in a cyst...can't even explain what he/ she (no visible Sex organ) looked like because I didn't see the baby.‎ It was a terrible experience but I won't stop thanking God for preserving my life.

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